Portland's Newest Lindy Hop Dance


7:00 - 10:30 pm 

Baker Building

5511 N Albina


Welcome to Rose Room

As Portland's Lindy Hop dance, we welcome everyone to partake in the joy of swing dancing! Find us every first and third Monday of the month at the
Baker Building (5511 N Albina) for classes and social dancing.

We offer both beginner and intermediate classes from 7-8 pm. Check the Classes and Events section for details about topics and special events. •Intermediate classes are $12 and include dance admission.

•Beginner classes are free with dance admission ($10).

•Students receive a two dollar discount ​.

•The dance runs from 8:00-10:30 pm. No experience or partner necessary! 


Meet the Crew

Since 2013, Johnna has traveled all over the western U.S. and a fair amount of Canada to compete, perform, and teach the Lindy hop. She’s won and placed in several competitions in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Victoria B.C., and Edmonton.


Today she works with individuals and groups to  work on differing techniques in muscle movements, and finding a love for the groove in Lindy hop.

Johnna loves cats and books and sleep.

YoungWoo fell in love with Lindy Hop while studying at the University of Central Florida.


Thanks to Lindy Hop, that love has spread into music and teaching as well.


As a member of the new Rose Room, YoungWoo is excited to share with you his take on Lindy Hop music and dance.

Hannah found the Lindy Hop in 2009. In addition to helping organize events in Philadelphia and Charleston, she has danced onstage with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and taught classes and workshops in Boston, Jerusalem, and San Francisco. 


As an award-winning lindy hop, blues, balboa, and solo jazz dancer, known for her individuality and spunk, Hannah loves empowering students to find their own creative voices.


She really likes velociraptors.

Joshua McLaughlin has been dancing Lindy hop since 2003 and has been teaching for over 10 years.


Teaching swing dance has allowed him to travel internationally to Australia and beyond to spread the joy of Lindy and balboa around the globe.


Coincidentally, Joshua was voted best dancer in his high school yearbook.

Jared has been dancing, teaching, performing, and competing since the 2000s across the country. Hailing from the New York Lindy hop, Jared loves the welcoming and fun nature of the Lindy Hop and has danced in Madrid, Barcelona, and Munich.

Jared teaches beginners and intermediates and has a Masters in Teaching (bonus). He loves getting his students to practice movements until they feel awesome and having as much fun as possible.


Jared also loves the Portland Lindy hop community and is thrilled to be a part of growing our scene!

Angie started swing dancing in the late 90’s and was hooked on The Lindy Hop not long after.  She was a cat herder for some of the early Portland Lindy Exchanges, and organized  some weekly dances for lots of years in many dimensions of time and space.


Angie has taught at The Viscount, The Rigamarole, Jam Cellar, and various  weekend workshops on the east coast.

Angie gets old people to dance at weddings.


getting here


No matter where you're coming from, find out how to get to the Rose Room here! There's free parking on the blocks surrounding the venue and a bus stop a block away!

Classes and events

Frist & Third Mondays @ Baker Building

5511 N Albina



We offer beginning Lindy Hop classes. No partner or experience required. Free with dance admission ($10).  Students pay eight ($8).


Got the basics under your belt? Our intermediate Lindy Hop classes are designed to help you broaden your repertoire, improve your connection, and find your social dancing voice. Prereqs: You should be comfortable with an 8-count swingout and basic six-count swing ($12).  Students pay ten ($10). (includes dance admission).



We at Rose Room are committed to creating an inclusive space for all, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

The Rose Room is a safe space in which harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you feel unsafe or have concerns, you may come to any of the Rose Room core staff that are attending. Contact us about any concerns or questions.

~ Angie, Josh, Hannah, Young Woo, Jared, Johnna

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